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Wisdom Nut Shells

an offer of Carpe Momentum Advisory

Mr. Metzen is the founder and director of Carpe Momentum Advisory which offers services for sustainable change, leadership and lifestyle since April 2016. Mr. Metzen is experienced practitioner of Mindful Leadership and has integrated these practices in his business strategy, leadership and organization transformation efforts. One of the core offerings of Carpe Momentum Advisory is the practices of Aware Leadership. A set of leadership functions and factors to enrich leaders with in a way a full set of capabilities to lead. Mr. Metzen is pushing as thought leaders towards an extension of Mindful Leadership towards the full spectrum of ancient wisdom applied to today’s leadership.

Mr. Metzen would like the insights and wisdoms also become available to a broader audience and not just in the context of the work environment. In order to do so Carpe Momentum Advisory has launched the Wisdom NutShells website to reach out to everybody with words of wisdom.