How to Lead a Peaceful and Happy Life

Don’t we all want to know which brings about a peaceful and happy life?

Stay away from the foolish ones and pick the company of wise people.

Honor those who are worth honoring.

Plant good seeds – be generous, be patient, be truthful, be kind. Realize you are on a path.

Learn and grow and be skillful in your profession or craft.

Do not kill, to not take what is not given, no sexual misconduct, no false speech, but rather loving speech and no drugs.

Serve and support your parents, cherish your own family, have a vocation that brings you joy.

Live honestly, generous in giving, offer support to relatives and friends, living a life of blameless conduct.

Avoid detrimental and harmful actions and be diligent in doing good things.

Be humble and polite. Be grateful and content with a simple life and keep learning.

Persevere and be open to change and have regular contact with people wiser than yourself and fully participate in discussions on life.

Realize your own suffering and that there is ways to reduce it by working on how you view things, how you think, how you speak, how you act, how you live, what effort you put into life, how mindful you notice each moment of the day and how concentrated you are.

Live in the world with your heart undisturbed by the world with all sorrows ended, dwelling in peace.

Adapted from Thich Nhat Hanh’s translation of the Discourse on Happines

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