The Purpose of Our Lives

I have learned a lot over the years from Anthony “Tony” Robbins. His insight and keen understanding have helped me in different stages of my life and different aspects of my life. Similar after not too long ago discovering Brendon Burchard’s YouTube channel I have appreciated another voice of giving direction.

Contemplating on Tony’s and Brendon’s personal and business success and the many lives they have helped transformed I stumbled across a message that I would like to weave in and put out in the world just so we make sure we are not losing focus.

It is about the big WHY. Why are we here? What are we aiming for? And touching even more deeply – what is this world and our life about?

In all your aiming for greatness in all aspects of life, please do not aim for the sake of being “good”. For example don’t aim to be great at work so that you can proof to you and the world that your expensive car, house or watch now confirm you are great. Don’t you see you are already great? Intrinsic; or so to speak naturally. Stop this hunger for perfecting yourself in all aspects of your life to confirm your goodness and trust that you are already. Truly grasping this will lead you to the next world and life view changing leap of faith.

Not even a single atom exists with a reality separate from the mind. Although you perceive yourself in terms of

  1. form [bones, body heat, blood, breath],
  2. sensations [pleasant, unpleasant or neutral],
  3. perception [vision, sound, smell, taste, touch],
  4. mental formations [habits, thoughts, concepts, opinions, prejudice] and
  5. consciousness,

you are but an appearance of the mere aggregation of dependently originating things. We all are actually engaging in the activity of going and coming and interacting with objects. In a way we are in a dream, because the “self” or “I” that we create in our heads does not have an eternal or unitary nature. Hence, let’s not waste our precious human existence of leisure and opportunity. Let’s seek skillful happiness so you can benefit yourself and equally important others! And don’t run after, fame, fortune or a supposed greatness when all that you need is already there inside of yourself.


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